Mango Tangerine Body Butter

Mango Tangerine Body Butter

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Mango Tangerine Butter is light and creamy created with nothing but the finest organic butters and essential oil. The smell of this amazing butter is a light tangerine scent. Leaving you moisturize without being greasy.


4 oz Jar

Vegan Product


Skin Benefits

Mango Butter:

-Keeps skin firm and youthful

- Aids in anti-aging because of the vitamin c it contains

- Reduces fine lines and delays wrinkles

- Helps to vanish stretch marks

- Anti-inflammatory helps heal dry itchy and red skin caused by eczema and psoriasis



-Keeps skin flawless and radiant

-Contains vitamin c which helps produce collagen to improve the elasticity in our skin also leaving it smooth to the touch

-Helps to maintain moisture balance and oil in the skin